Common Uses of Duphaston

A blue background with white tablets, similar to the medication Duphaston which is used for women’s gynecological conditions

What is Duphaston used for? Duphaston is a prescription progestin medication that’s prescribed to women to treat several issues related to the balance of hormones in their bodies. Like many prescription medications in hormonal therapy, drugs can sometimes be prohibitively expensive. The good news is that you can save money on your prescription and still get high-quality medication by choosing to have it filled by Inhouse Pharmacy; a regulated online pharmacy.

Hormonal Medications

Dydrogesterone, more commonly known as Duphaston, is used for hormone therapy in some countries just as it has been for nearly 60 years. As a progestin, it works similarly in the body to the natural female hormone progesterone. This important hormone plays a part in regulating fertility, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and the changes the female body goes through during menopause.

Why Your Local Pharmacist Can’t Offer Duphaston

You cannot get Duphaston from USA pharmacies. In the United States, dydrogesterone is classified as no longer available in therapeutic form (although it is important to note this is not because of any recall or safety concern). Rather, Duphaston is used for the same conditions as other progestins that have entered the marketplace.

New medications typically have extended patent protection and are made available at higher prices than older, already established medications. While there is no official explanation given for the withdrawal of Duphaston from the US marketplace, it is certain that it benefited the manufacturers of the progestins that remained available.

Conditions Duphaston Is Used For

There are several distinct conditions Duphaston is prescribed for, or in the case of the USA, that Duphaston was usually prescribed for.

  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles — Duphaston is used to treat both a lack of a regular period and the severe pain some women feel during their normal menstruation. It has been found to promote the start of menstruation without triggering painful heavy bleeding.
  • Premenstrual Syndrome — For some women, PMS comes with debilitating hormonal shifts that lead to broad mood swings, significant cramping, and uncomfortable bloating. Once prescribed, Duphaston is used for regulating these hormonal shifts to make premenstrual discomfort more manageable.
  • Endometriosis — A severe and excruciating condition, the effects of endometriosis on the gynecological system can disrupt a woman’s life. Use of Duphaston can help alleviate these symptoms, returning her period to normal and easing pain.A woman holds her pregnant belly while a man’s hand positions dancing baby shoes on her tummy.
  • Infertility — Use of dydrogesterone can help make it easier for fertilized embryos to implant in the uterine wall. This is vital for patients who are depending on IVF and similar procedures to become pregnant.
  • Miscarriage — Duphaston is sometimes used for patients who have suffered through repeated miscarriages where it causes a reduction in early bleeding and spontaneous abortion.
  • Menopause Symptoms — As hormones shift during menopause, progestins like Duphaston can play a big role in moderating their fluctuations and alleviating symptoms. This can mean fewer hot flashes, less pain, and a lower occurrence of migraines.

Quality Hormonal Medications

Whatever your doctor-prescribed Duphaston is used for, we can provide authentic tablets from Abbott, the only manufacturer of this brand-name-only hormone medication. Obtained through World Health Organization (WHO) recognized distribution channels, this is the same high-quality medication your local pharmacist would dispense. If you are prescribed Duphaston inside the USA, a legitimate online pharmacy like Inhouse Pharmacy may be your only source for this pharmaceutical product.

You don’t have to suffer until you can get to a country that has your needed medication. If you have one of the conditions Duphaston is used for, schedule an appointment with your physician immediately. Send your prescription to Inhouse Pharmacy today to have it filled and shipped discreetly to your door.

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